Carer Support Service

Carer Support Service

Service objectives
Carer Support Service aims at facilitating and supporting carers to take care of elders in the community, so as to enhance well-being of carers and the elderly.

Service Target
Informal carers such as family members, relatives and friends who take care of elders in the community Carers or the elderly should be living in Yuen Long

Scope of Service
A variety approaches are used to assist cares including skill-training, support groups and recreational activities, volunteer support, supply of reference materials relating to care of elders, loan of rehabilitation-aid equipment and simple counselling and referral services are provided.

Service Entry and Exit
Carers can come to our center in person for service entry or returning a completed application form by post, fax. Alternatively, you may apply through referrals. For Service Exit, you may apply in person at our centre.

Community Education Service

Service Objectives
To achieve psychosocial wellbeing and better Adapting to the changes in life role and living pattern for the elderly living in the community, we organize a range of community activities for them to promote active social participation so that they can contribute to family and society and finally build up a caring and harmonious community.

Target Group
Elders and community at large living in Yuen Long

Scope of Service
To provide educational, promotional and service related activities

Service Entry and Service Exit
Applicants can come to our center in person for service entry and service exit.

Service Fee and Charge
membership fee is free of charge
A nominal fee is charged for groups and programmes. Details can be found in promotional materials.