Counseling Service

Service Objectives

Our counselors assist the elderly in the community to address personal, interpersonal, emotional, financial, and housing problems so as to maintain their living with respect, dignity and quality wellbeing with families and foster harmony among the elderly and their families.

Target Group

Elders aged 60 or above living in Yuen Long

Service Boundary

Yuen Long Centre(Partial):Kui Fat Building, Kwong Wah Centre, Opulence Height, Hop Yick Plaza, Sun Yuen Long Centre, Yoho Town, Yoho Midtown, Fung Ting Court, Grand Del Sol, Greenfields, Ho Shun King Building, Ho Shun Lee Building, Ho Shun Yee Building, Kam Lung Mansion, Hop Yick Centre, Villa Premiere, Residence 88
Shap Pat Heung East(Partial):Shan Pui Chung Hau Tsuen, Nam Pin Wai, Shan Pin Tsuen, Wong Uk Tsuen, Tung Shing Lei, Harmonic Villa, Yeung Uk Tsuen, Chuk San Tsuen, Shek Tong Tsuen, Kong Tau Tsuen, Kong Tau San Tsuen
Shap Pat Heung Central(Partial):Sheung Yau Tin Tsuen, Ha Yau Tin Tsuen, Sereno Verde, The Reach, Tai Kei Leng

Scope of Service

Counselors provide the following services to address problems among the elderly and their family members.

  • Individual interview
  • Home visit
  • Referral service
  • Advising service
  • Counselling service
  • Group Service

Service Entry and Exit

Applications can be made through telephone, or come in person. Alternatively, you may apply through referrals from governmental departments and community bodies.
Counselors will review the progress with the service users from time to time before determining to terminate the service.
Service users can also contact counselors to request service withdrawal.