Dementia Care Support Service

Service Objectives

Our service provides multi support services to people with dementia and their families, and to relive their care stress and arouse public awareness of dementia and its care in the community, so as to enhance their living quality.

Scope of Service

Preliminary assessment
For Suspected cases with memory problems, a free of charge preliminary assessment will be arranged, referrals may be made for further assessments if necessary.

Training and recreational activities
Memory trainings and recreational activities are provided for the elderly with dementia or those are having memory problems in the community.

Carers support trainings
Trainings for Care skills, stress management, support groups, counseling and referral service are offered to elders with dementia and their carers.

Community Education
A variety of community education activities are organized with other community bodies for promoting brain health, and arousing public attention on dementia.

Target group

Elders aged 60 or above with memory problem or
Elders with dementia and their family members and
Elders or their family members living in Yuen Long

Fee and Charge

Preliminary assessment, referrals and counselling services are free of charge
A nominal fee is charged for groups and programmes. Details can be found in promotional materials.

Service Entry and Exit:

Service Entry: You can apply for the service in person during office hour or referrals may be made by related agencies.
Service Exit: You can contact us by phone, letter and come in person during office hour.