Needy Carer Support Service


To provide various support services to the needy carers in the community, assist them to take care the frail elders in order to release the caring stress and enhancing their quality of life.


Target Group

Needy Carers are those carers taking care of frail elders, aged 60 or above with poor mobility, ill-health or dementia, and they may have disability, heavy carer burden or be 60 years old or above, and in need of social and emotional support.


Scope of Services

Carer support Groups 

To hold mutual support groups, providing a platform to gain mutual support and recognition, and to release caring stress

Carer Training Activities

To hold home-based or center-based training activities, enhancing their caring skills to improve their quality of life

Carer Support Services

To provide volunteer home visits , escorting , center-based day respite, simple counselling and referral services

Community Promotion

Establishing strategic partnership with local stakeholders and providing the programmes and activities to them for enhancing awareness in identification of needy carers.

Service Boundary

Yuen Long (town and rural area) and Tin Shui Wai


Free of charge

Application and withdrawal

Needy Carers can apply or withdraw the service in person during office hour. If the carer is away from service for one year, the membership will expire automatically.